Selected Presentations

"Design Process Expertise: The Importance of Design Awareness", Distinguished Lecture Series, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, March 10, 2021. “Design Signatures: Empirically Based Representations of Design Processes", University of Michigan, October 23, 2019.   Slideshow"Design Heard: Interpretations of the Design Process," Cynthia J. Atman and Dharma Dailey,  April 2, 2018.

Selected Publications

Shroyer, K., Terri Lovins, Jennifer Turns, Monica E. Cardella, Cynthia J. Atman (2018) Timescales and Ideaspace: An examination of idea generation in design practice, Design Studies, Volume 57, July 2018, Pages 9-36. (Design Studies Best Paper 2018 award)., C.J., Sheppard, S.D., Turns, J., Adams, R.S., Fleming, L.N., Stevens, R., Streveler, R.A., Smith, K.A., Miller, R.L., Leifer, L.J., Yasuhara, K., & Lund. D. Enabling Engineering Student Success: The Final Report for the Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education. San Rafael, CA: Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2010. Atman, C.J., Yasuhara, K., Adams, R. S., Barker, T., Turns, J., and Rhone, E. (2008). “Breadth in Problem-Scoping: A Comparison of Freshman and Senior Engineering Students.” International Journal of Engineering Education, 24(2), 234-245.Atman, C.J., Adams, R. S., Cardella, M. E., Turns, J., Mosborg, S., and Saleem, J. J. (2007). “Engineering Design Processes: A Comparison of Students and Expert Practitioners.” Journal of Engineering Education, 96(4), 359-379.Adams, R. S., Turns, J., and Atman, C.J. (2003). “Educating Effective Engineering Designers: the Role of Reflective Practice.” Design Studies, 24(3), 275-294. (Design Studies Best Paper 2013 award).Atman, C.J., Chimka, J. R., Bursic, K.M., and Nachtmann, H.L. (1999). “A comparison of Freshman and Senior Engineering Design Processes.” Design Studies, 20(2), 131-152.Find more here! (coming soon)

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