Design Awareness Questions

Aishwarya, Winter 2022
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Aishwarya’s design awareness question was, “Where did I spend more time?” and she investigated this during a take home design assignment from an interview. She wanted to improve her workflow, so she tried to capture the design tools. In each of the four stages of her process, the square and icon represents one design tool, and the larger the square, the more often she uses it. The rectangular borders on each square show the next three best apps that she uses most frequently. This helped her see places where she was spending too much time. For example, Instagram (in pink) and Twitter (in light blue) are almost always present in her design process, and she wants to reduce that. This also helped her see that she doesn’t spend a lot of time on Figma early on, and instead dedicates her time to understanding the design situation. See the back of the postcard for the key and other details!