Design Awareness Questions

Adoniah Carmeline, Winter 2022
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Adoniah’s design awareness question was, “What emotions do I go through during my research process?” Her activity was capstone research, and she represented it through a timeline on her postcard. The vertical axis shows how optimistic or pessimistic she was feeling during the process. Each color represents different stages in her research process, and the time from left to right is the time it took for each stage, so the card reads from left to right for every new line. For example, the first stage, “Identifying a Problem Statement”, is shown in a pink line from left to right, and when the pink line ends, you move back to the left to read the second stage, “Literature review”, shown in an orange line from left to right. At the right side of the postcard, every stage ends in an optimistic feeling. See the back of the postcard for the key and other details!